Welcome to the herd, dear Capybaras. We are the next top meme coin and - to be honest - that is our only goal. Many of us missed the big memes like Doge, Shiba Inu or Floki. If you analyze the social media platforms, capybaras are increasing in popularity and they are super cute.

What says Capybara Coin ($CAPY) cannot be the next big meme?? Of course, we knew you were gonna ask us if we have any kind of utility right? Well we have some kind of utility we are cooking but we will keep that a capy secret until it is ready.

Our official Contract Address is 0x0aec1e4CE3cD3ccEe64FF1A2eE47770fd2B0d8d3!

Let's just say that Whitelists can be annoying. Especially if you don't know who is going to contribute and how much they will contribute. It's a pain-staking process for Project owners and Calls channels. CapyList is here to solve your needs. Thankfully, with the help of a super-talented dev, we are building an interface that will solve all of these issues and manage the campaigns so much more effectively. It's a FIRST!

Having said that, our utility will not fully be revealed until it has finished development. Since it is a novel concept, we want to avoid capybara questions like wen, wen and wen. We also dont want any other capybaras stealing our concept.

Let's get down to business. Here are all the token-speicific pieces of information.

Total Supply

10,000,000 $CAPY



Buy / Sell Tax

0% on Buys / 5% on Sells


Stage 1

Branding and Ideation
Creating a CAPY Herd
Initial Marketing
Audit + KYC
IDO Setup
Marketing push

Stage 2

Utility Development
CMC + CG Listings
Community Engagement
CEX Listing
Utility Reveal

Stage 3

Utility Rollout
Worldwide Marketing push
Sustainable growth
Onboarding Bigger Influencers/Project Owners Worldwide Adoption of $CAPY

Join Chino, Sultan, Roman, Dixon and the CAPYBARA Army on the mega journey to the stratosphere.